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ser sese asu edu Robinsonis a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. His research interests currently focus on the origin and evolution of planetary crusts,including volcanism,tectonism and regolith development.ASU's Planetary Rock Stars ASU News - Was this helpful?Arizona State University - Space Exploration ...

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(plate) /ser/estore/apollo/work/metric/AS15 ser sese asu edu -

direction cosines axis transformation matrix from to camera from to - .30502077+00 .99097050-00 .9958z603-oe , 13376750400 .43auea6-oe(plate)

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced an ambitious goal of sending an

Apollo Mission insignias courtesy of the JSC Digital Image Collection Luna Mission (plate) Color Mosaics of The Moon. These views of the Moon were created from the global 5 (plate) FIGURE 1 1.1 (OVERLEAF).-R~~~O~ centered on Apollo 1 1 landing site in Mare

Conference Location and Dates. The Go for Lunar Landing From Terminal Decent to (plate) Meteor Crater in Northern Central Arizona, D.M. Barringer, 1909 Impact Mechanics at (plate) AP011 0 1\7-17 ORB1 I A1 I\\ !Â¥ 1 I(;Al IONS LUNAR REMOTE SENSING AND

Space Exploration Resources ~ School of Earth and Space Exploration ~ Arizona (plate) INTRODUCTION. Mercury is the innermost planet and the least known of the terrestrial (plate) Component Minerals Select Exercise Component Mineral Spectrum. Composite

ASU's Planetary Rock Stars ASU News -

Oct 13, 2011 Mark Robinson is a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. His research interests currently focus on the origin and evolution of planetary crusts, including volcanism, tectonism and regolith development.(plate) Angular Ejecta Edge - Arizona State University(steel) Apr 24, 2014Ejecta flowed down an unnamed crater wall leaving behind this spectacular pattern. LROC NAC M1145938700LR, center 34.653°N, 187.234°E; width is 1800 m, downslope is to the lower-right, north is up [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].(plate) Apollo Image Archive - Featured Image (04/07/2009)(steel) Apr 07, 2009Featured Image - 04/07/2009 The Fra Mauro Formation. This stunning oblique Apollo Metric photograph shows the Apollo 14 landing site explored by Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell in January 1971 as viewed from the Apollo 16 Command Service Module Casper in April 1972. The rough, craggy looking materials you can see in the center of the frame are the Fra Mauro formation, named

Apollo Image Archive - Featured Image (05/26/2009)

May 26, 2009Featured Image - (05/26/2009) Mare Vaporum . The Moon's surface records billions of years of geologic activity, Mare Vaporum (shown here in an oblique Apollo 17 metric frame; Figure 1) is a good example of this.Mare Vaporum is a deposit of mare basalt located between the southwest rim of the Serenitatis basin and the southeast rim of the Imbrium basin.(plate) Apollo Image Archive - Featured Image (12/30/2008)(steel) Dec 30, 2008Apollo Metric image (frame ID AS16-M-0162) with Apollo 16 landing site marked [NASA/JSC/Arizona State University]. As a J-Class mission, Young and Duke used the LRV to perform three extra-vehicular activity (EVA) geologic traverses to collect samples and perform fieldwork. The collected samples included the single largest sample (weighing in at ser sese asu edu(plate) Apollo Image Archive - Photographic Support Data(steel) The Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center at the University of Hawaii provided many of the original documents for scanning. Low resolution scans of panoramic, metric, and 70-mm frames are available from the LPI. For ser sese asu edu Comments and suggestions can be mailed to [email protected] ser sese asu edu

Apollo Program Galleries - Arizona State University

Image gallery of NASA Apollo Gemini Mercury Photos. The Apollo program was the national effort that put humans on the Moon and its goals went beyond landing (plate) Apollo Program History - Arizona State University(steel) Following the accomplishments of NASA's Mercury and Gemini programs, the Apollo program (1967 to 1972) succeeded in fulfilling the goal laid out by John F. Kennedy of "landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth." Leaving Earth's gravity is an expensive challenge in terms of energy, and while the rockets used for the Mercury and Gemini programs were sufficient for their ser sese asu edu(plate) Chang'e 3 Lander and Rover From Above Lunar ser sese asu edu(steel) LROC NAC M1142582775R, image width 576 m, north is up [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. Chang'e 3 landed on Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) just east of a 450 m diameter impact crater on 14 December 2013. Soon after landing, a small rover named Yutu (or Jade Rabbit in English) was deployed and took its first tentative drive onto the airless ser sese asu edu


CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda) 1 1.1 (OVERLEAF).-R~~~O ~ centered on Apollo 1 1 landing site in Mare Tranquillitatis (arrow). Large crater at bottom is Theophilus (100 km). Rings of Procellarum basin pass under(plate) CiteSeerX CONTENTS(steel) CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda) FI<;uI<I:. 10.1 (overleaf).-Units of the Inibrian System where first recognized (compare figs. 1.6, 2.1). View centers on massive, rugged Montes Apenninus, part of the Imbrium-basin rim. Iinbrium-basin ejecta grades from coarsely hummocky forms on Apennine flank to smoother drumlinlike or whaleback forms near crater ser sese asu edu(plate) CiteSeerX Scientific Organizing Committee:(steel) BibTeX @MISC{Vondrak09scientificorganizing, author = {Richard Vondrak and Nasa Goddard and John Keller and Nasa Goddard and Wendell Mendell and Nasa Lyndon and B. Johnson and Clive Neal and Dave Smith and Nasa Goddard}, title = {Scientific Organizing Committee:}, year = {2009}}

Course Details -

American Public University System (APUS) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Public Education, Inc. (APEI).Pursuant to a contractual arrangement, APEI provides certain services for the benefit of APUS, subject to APUS oversight and ultimate authority.(plate) Distal Edges Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera(steel) LROC NAC M112884286R, image width is 816 m, illuminated from upper right, north is up [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. Today's Featured Image highlights striking forms on the outside rim of an unnamed young crater (~11 km in diameter; image center 71.425°S, 161.88°E; incidence angle is 76°) located 140 km east of Schrödinger crater.(plate) Eratosthenes Crater and the Lunar ser sese asu edu - Oct 06, 2010The northeast rim of Eratosthenes crater is easily seen as the change in reflectance due to differing slopes - higher reflectance terrain in the lower left is the steeply sloping interior. LROC NAC image M117562615L, image width is 600 m [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Ernest Cisneros - Research Professional - Arizona State ser sese asu edu

View Ernest Cisneros profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Ernest has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ernests ser sese asu edu(plate) FIGURE - Arizona State University(steel) FIGURE 1 1.1 (OVERLEAF).-R~~~O~ centered on Apollo 1 1 landing site in Mare Tranquillitatis (arrow). Large crater at bottom is Theophilus (100 km). Rings of Procellarum basin pass under mare-ridge feature Lament (ring and radial pattern above arrow) and through rugged terra at right.(plate) Links Moon Science(steel) Moon Science © 2019 - 2021 Maurice Collins. SciCert, Cert Astronomy (UCLAN), Cert Aviation Studies. Murray Geddes Prize 2011 RASNZ. Email [email protected]

Lunar Remote Sensing and Measurements

AP011 0 1\7-17 ORB1 I A1 I\\ !Â¥ 1 I(;Al IONS LUNAR REMOTE SENSING AND MEASUREMENTS Remote sensing and measurements of the Moon from Apollo orbit- ing spacecraft and Earth form a basis for extrapolation of Apollo(plate) Lunar Resources for Educa - Space Race Race To The Moon, Vol. 1, 2007 Man in Space US Air Force Manned Space Projects, 2007 Magnificent Desolation - Walking on the Moon, 2007 In The Shadow Of The Moon, 2007 Race To The Moon The Daring Adventure of Apollo 8 (PBS Home Video), 2005 Race To The Moon (History Channel), 2004 If We Had No Moon (Discovery Channel), 2003 Apollo 11, Men On The Moon, 2003(plate) March to the Moon - Arizona State University(steel) Apollo. The Apollo program, flown from 1961 to 1972, was a national effort that fulfilled a dream as old as humanity. The goals of the Apollo program included establishing the technology to meet other national interests in space, achieving preeminence in space for the United States, carrying out a program of scientific exploration of the Moon, and developing man's capability to work in the ser sese asu edu

Mark Robinson - Arizona State University

Master of Science Some Aspects of Martian Topography, 1991, Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI. Bachelor of Science 1988, Geology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska. Bachelor of Arts Double Major - Political Science and Fine Arts, 1982, University (plate) Moon Evidence-3a - Mars Anomaly Research(steel) MORE MOON EVIDENCE-3a. Report #151. November 16, 2008. Forward to Part-3b. This two part report is about Moon evidence that may or may not be real.(plate) More Moon Evidence-1 - Mars Anomaly Research(steel) Oct 19, 2008MORE MOON EVIDENCE-1. Report #149. October 19, 2008. Ever since some Moon images were posted back in August at the ATS (Above Top Secret) forum, I continue to have ATS viewers bringing this material to my attention and asking me about it.

Press Release - Pegasus Research Consortium - December 15 ser sese asu edu

Press Release - Pegasus Research Consortium - December 15, 2006 Revealed for the First Time Color Images of the Moon from Clementine Satellite(plate) Project Gemini online digital archive - NASA/ADS(steel) An archive containing the first high-resolution digital scans of the original flight films from Project Gemini, the second U.S. human spaceflight program, was unveiled by the NASA Johnson Space Center and Arizona State University's (ASU) School of Earth and Space Exploration on 6 January. The archive includes images from 10 flights. Project Gemini, which ran from 1964 to 1966, followed Project ser sese asu edu(plate) Rapid Soil Production and Weathering in the Southern (steel) DOI 10.1126/science.1244908 Science 343, 637 (2014); Isaac J. Larsen et al. Zealand Rapid Soil Production and Weathering in the Southern Alps, New

Rockin' Autumni Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Image width is approximately 160 km [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. Lacus Autumni (or "Autumn Lake"), along with Lacus Veris and Mare Orientale, is a mare pond located in the northeast portion of the Orientale Basin. It lies between Orientale's inner ring (Montes Rook) and outer ring (Montes Cordillera). When craters form in thin mare ser sese asu edu(plate) See moreNew content will be added above the current area of focus upon selectionSee results only from ser.sese.asu.eduHome page School of Earth and Space Exploration(steel) A message from School of Earth and Space Exploration leadership. We, along with the broader ASU community, denounce the recent murders and violence toward Asian and Asian American communities and state our commitment to the health, safety, well-being, and prosperity of our Asian and Asian American students, staff, researchers, and faculty, as well as those of all other Asian and Asian (plate) Small Pond Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera(steel) May 15, 2013Unnamed crater floor at west edge of Mare Fecunditatis. LROC NAC M167919653R. Image center is 6.422°S, 43.747°E, image width is 561 meters. North is up [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Space Exploration SpaceTEC& National Science ser sese asu edu

Location (321) 567-5193; SpaceTEC&Physical Address 800 Lane Ave. Titusville, FL. 32780 Mailing Address 379 Cheney Hwy. PMB 207 Titusville, FL. 32780(plate) Space Exploration Resources, School of Earth and Space ser sese asu edu(steel) Translate this pageSpace Exploration Resources, School of Earth and Space ser sese asu edu(plate) Student Guide to Moon 101 - Lunar and Planetary (steel) 2) After examining the Global Moon image, read the following articles:

Swept Slopes of Herigonius - Arizona State University

Apr 08, 2014Banded layers of mare basalts revealed in the east wall of Herigonius crater. The crater rim crest is located outside the top of the image (north to the left). Debris and boulders accumulate downslope (bottom) toward the crater floor. LROC NAC M150741485; image width 500 m [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].(plate) Title Research Professional at Arizona Location Phoenix, ArizonaConnections 160Metric Preview - Apollo Digital Image Archive(steel) Metric Preview. Below are five digital Apollo 15 metric frames that represent a preview of what is to come in the Apollo Image Archive; a joint project between NASA's Johnson Space Center, Arizona State University, and the Lunar Planetary Institute.. The Apollo Mapping (or Metric) camera flew on three missions, Apollos 15, 16, and 17. It was housed in the Service Module SIM Bay and was ser sese asu edu(plate) UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Alien Base Found On Earths Moon In ser sese asu edu(steel) Feb 06, 2020Alien Base Found On Earths Moon In NASA Index, Video, UFO Sighting News. Date of discovery Feb 2020. Location of discovery Earths moon. NASA Source I found this lunar base on earths moon today. Its a non reflective black material. Its actually hanging over a crater area and has a tall black fin tower on its top, as well as two huge round greyish

UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Ancient Alien Structures On Dark

Feb 18, 2021I found some structures in a crater on Earths moon. Its from the LROC moon map and we are looking at a crater on the dark side of the moon. Inside are several structures.(plate) UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Ancient Pyramid On Moon Found (steel) Dec 18, 2017Photo URL UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Many Aliens Buildings and UFOs (steel) Sep 27, 2013Photo is NASA/ASU sharing. FEEL FREE TO COPY or Repost THIS (or any post) INFO-PHOTOS, Written BY ME, I DON'T NEED CREDIT, BUT PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS. I understand a lot of people have trouble seeing the detail in black and white photos.

UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY NASA Employee Leaves Top Secret ser sese asu edu

Mar 16, 2012UFO Sighting Latest News, Photos, Video.(plate) UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Pentagon Confirms Footage Of UFOs ser sese asu edu(steel) Apr 16, 2021Now its clear when I look at this video that there are several triangle shaped alien craft flying above them. This screenshot I took confirms that UFOs are not always perfectly shaped objects, but instead are often uneven as if they were biologically grown.(plate) UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Three Alien Structures Found On (steel) Jan 04, 2021I found a few objects on Earths moon using the NASA LROC moon map. The first object is a diamond shaped grey metal craft with a hump on its upper center.

Vicram Rajagopalan Dung Bui Wesley Eng Onur Erdemir ser sese asu edu

The History of the Moon 4.517 Billion Years ago Years ago Formation of the moon 4.456 Billion Years ago Anorthosites Crystalized 4.417 Billion(plate) Visio-arne flyer page1 - Concept of Operations Mission Objectives Investigate suitability of void(s) at Mare Tranquillitatis Pit (MTP) for future human exploration Radiation Shield(plate) Robinsonis a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. His research interests currently focus on the origin and evolution of planetary crusts,including volcanism,tectonism and regolith development.ASU's Planetary Rock Stars ASU News - Was this helpful?Arizona State University - Space Exploration Resources ser sese asu edu(steel) New Digital Apollo Images The Apollo flight film, scanned at high resolution, can be found at the Apollo Image Archive web site. This ongoing project is creating a digital archive of these historic images.

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